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Kaleb Brooks

Hello My Name Is...

Kaleb Brooks

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My teaching Experience includes:

I have been teaching high school World History for three years, so I’m not the most seasoned of educators at Sequoyah. Regardless, I make up for my lack of experience with engaging, yet educational, lessons on a daily basis.

I teach:

World History and U.S. Government

I am originally from:

Born in North Carolina, raised in Dayton, TN

I graduated High School from:

The one and only Rhea County High (no, seriously. There’s only one high school in the county!)

I graduated College from:


(Hobbies) I like to :

I enjoy reading comics (only Marvel), learning useless trivia knowledge, and educating students about the past! I’m also an avid gamer, and I’ll take on any challenger. Just don’t be upset if you lose.

I enjoy teaching because:

I enjoy teaching because I love seeing the “lightbulb” come on when a student understands an idea or concept. History and Government class shouldn’t consist of just learning about boring facts and dates, but rather learning HOW or WHY decisions in the past were made and the effects they had on human history.

Anything Extra to add:

I strive to challenge my students everyday, and I treat them like the aspiring adults they are. We don’t have “free days” in my class, because there’s no such thing in the real word. If you’re in my class, be prepared to work everyday and I promise we’ll have some fun while doing it. 


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